Inspired Moments was established to openly share philosophy, metaphysics, spirituality, and Truth. The sources of which have been handed down through millennia from ancient world Philosophers, Sages, Metaphysicians, Scientists, and Wise Men and Teachers from Egypt, Greece, The Middle East, The Far East, and even Lemuria and Atlantis. 

IM takes these ancient philosophies and applies them in a way that can effect positive metamorphosis and transformation in today's ever changing world stage. These changes are both personal and collective. We bring to light the force and Source behind all things. The unity of the oneness of all things in this vast Universe we move and breath in. We seek to answer the basic tenets of Life and beyond. The Eternal nature of all that is. 

Our IM Podcast hosts and guests, will provide you with the tools you need to alter and improve your thinking, which in turn will improve what you manifest in your Life Experience. We are ALL subject to the thoughts and actions of every life-form on this planet and beyond. Sit back, grab a notepad, and immerse yourself into a realm of deep thought, and the quest for the unification of the seen and unseen forces of the Universe. 

WE, all of us, create the future with each and every thought and action. WE are the writers, actors, directors, and producers of this experience. We are imbued to use polarity and the illusion of duality in a pattern that brings light to the Truth of all things. Our goal is to illuminate the darkness and reveal the principle that lay hidden beneath the sands of time, and freely share our findings for the betterment of humanity ... Worldwide, and beyond. 

Welcome, to Inspired Moments. We hope you enjoy our offering, and that you know and grow using the esoteric teachings and Wisdom of all the ages. To begin your journey, visit our SHOP and get a copy of “Ancient Wisdom & Divine Mysteries.” A 210-page book that presents a deeper view of world religions and philosophies. It took 15 years to research and write all the metaphysical Truth contained within its pages. May you find many answers to the questions you have been asking. Enjoy the journey, and your own path through discovery of the Divine Mind. 

Constantine Tsutras, ORDM., OCP.