Constantine has spent decades researching Truth, through uncountable sources and publications dating back to ancient Israel, Greece, Tibet, Kemet, and Egypt … among others. Thousands of hours were spent studying ancient pagan writings, holy scriptures, mysticism, philosophy, metaphysics, quantum physics, science, organized religion, and the histories of many faith systems.

Constantine speaks fluid Greek, which has helped him on his journey to understand the old world, and the new world … and to bridge them both together. His own extensive personal library is filled with hundreds of books from all over the world. Some hard to find, some hard to define. Many of them rare, and cherished. His personal library features over a hundred versions of the Bible in multiple editions and languages, as well as many other writings and holy writ from all over the world in many different faith systems.

Constantine has written hundreds of articles over the years and has published them on his Blog, Social Media, and Internet websites. He presents his findings, and in turn, hopes they inspire others to seek the origins of all things … both consciously, and physically … though they are not that different. The pages in his latest book, “Ancient Wisdom & Divine Mysteries” goes beyond the black and white, and into a full-spectrum of esoteric interpretations beyond the literal and historical accepted meanings .

Mind and Mentalism are key to seeing beyond merely the written word. The power of the subconscious Mind to create, and the power of the conscious Mind to influence that which is created. The seen and the unseen realms. The Universe, multiverses, time, space, and dark matter. Angels, Gematria/Numerology, geographic origins, Astrotheology, Astrology, Astronomy, Inner Earth Agartha, Atlantis and Lemuria, the Annunaki, ancient visitations, and early accomplishments of many civilizations and languages.

Alongside his spiritual journey, there has been a challenging personal physical journey coloured by many surgeries and illnesses, including an NDE in 2012. He has dealt with chronic Lyme Disease, Swine Flu, and a host of many other afflictions. Ultimately, Constantine experienced heart failure, kidney failure, and a head trauma. Most of which was reversed due to energy medicine and other alternative modalities and treatments. 

Then, in 2012, he was defibrillated multiple times due to a failure of his implanted pacemaker lead, experienced a near-death event, and required emergency surgery. This helped to usher him down the path of becoming Electromagnetically Hypersensitive (EHS). Emergency surgery was required. His wife and he have experienced PTSD/Anxiety for many years. They both searched to find the source of these issues, which led to much research about electromagnetic radiation and its effects on the Mind and Body. They soon discovered this kind of exposure has an effect on all people, animals, and plants. 

There was a time when Constantine couldn’t even remain in his own home. He had to find isolated areas to hide, and to detox from the level of wireless EMF exposure he had been through. After getting some relief, he continued the entire process all over again, day after day, year after year. With much research and many changes, they found a way to mitigate and tolerate the constant exposure. These modalities will be discussed along with the deeper meaning behind ancient writings, philosophical systems, and metaphysical interpretations behind it all. 

These spiritual and physical topics have driven Constantine deeper into the meaning of Life, and has led him to question why we are all here. Why we experience love and fear, yet accomplish both with one central nervous system and emotional point of origin. How the Divine Oneness of Source Energy experiences Life with us, through us, and AS US. Sometimes, Life’s experiences bring you through trials and tribulations as a directive towards necessary discoveries. 

By bringing the back story … exploring within the deeper veiled meanings … the esoteric and metaphysical messages left behind by the ancients can be fully appreciated. The ultimate goal is to help to make the world a better, living, compassionate, and enlightened place. There is no “other” in this world. There is only One consciousness, One Source of all that is, and One present moment. The Great Architect and Animator of Life set forth 7 Universal laws for us to follow. These are the very foundation of all Life. There is no need to look without, you need only look within. 

These pages and writings are a window into the spiritual nature of mankind, as well as the environment of mankind that has become home for billions of inhabitants. We discuss spiritual topics from the ancients to modern day. And we also cover topics that affect the overall health of our bodies and our Minds. History, mystery, and electricity. What ails you may not only be the direction of your thinking patterns, but the condition of your environmental exposure. EMF (electromagnetic Frequencies) exposure can be toxic if you’re exposed to too much radiation. 

Science and Spirituality are now beginning to finally merge. The body is 80-90% water, and the molecular structure of our existence is directly affected by not only the environment, but by the very words we speak, and the thoughts we think. It took many years for Constantine and Maria to learn how to be released by the trappings of incorrect internal dialogue. The offerings on this website will offer a clear path towards changing your outer world, by entering within. The goal is towards achieving wholeness (holy) and coming to the understanding that everything truly is ONE, connected to the Divine consciousness that permeates the entire universe. 

Constantine Tsutras, ORDM, OCP. 


Maria and Constantine have been married over 45 years. They have two adult children and have had many pets through the years. Constantine and Maria have worked numerous businesses and currently operate an entertainment company that specializes in Voiceovers, Talent Management, and Broadcast Production services. 

Maria has worked side by side in the spiritual journey they both began as a couple many years ago. As a fluid Greek speaking American, she was raised in the Greek Orthodox faith traditions, and has always had an interest in what can be found beyond the physical world of matter, and how the realm of the unseen has a direct effect on what we experience in this worldly physical form. Maria understands that we are light and energy beings, spiritual souls having a physical experience. She now realizes we must live in the moment, free of fear, focusing on that which is at hand in the now. The benefit of which is a fuller Life. 

Though Maria and Constantine have studied deeply into the realm of spirituality and metaphysics, they have also ventured deep into the research and study of electromagnetic energy, vibration, and frequency … the construct of the entire universe. They both know and understand how these EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) can affect all life forms. From plant, to animal, to mankind. 

Maria has learned how these EMFs can be beneficial, and detrimental to our bodies, our thought processes, and emotions. She works with many healing modalities. The Ancients worked with frequency and vibration thousands of years ago. We are just beginning to discover what was known so long ago. Many of the writings left behind veiled the true meanings of the stories by using allegory and metaphor hidden beneath and beyond the literal stories left behind. It is these hidden gems that we attempt to uncover and explain in modern times. We ask not “did it happen,” but instead ask “does it happen?”

Mankind’s spirituality is directly tied to the overall physical, mental, and emotional balance. Maria’s knowledge of all these topics help her guide people through their overall healing process. By remaining mindful of our environment, our nutritional intake, and our spiritual guidance system, the proper balance can be attained. It is her hope that love, and knowledge of who we truly are, can unite mankind and bring about the end of suffering. 

Maria Tsutras