LightPath LED

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Why Choose Red Light Therapy for Your Health and Wellness?

Red Light Therapy is a powerful tool, known to improve overall health & quality of life. It's backed by an ever-growing volume of scientific research, and the benefits are both holistic and undeniable.

Why Pulsed Light?

Research indicates pulsed light therapy mirrors the brain's natural circadian rhythm to improve mental acuity, memory and attention. Remember, Wellness centers across the country are using LightpathLED.

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Catharine Arnston started ENERGYbits® after her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and advised by her oncologist that an alkaline diet would help her heal. Catharine immediately sprung into action to help her sister research alkaline foods and in the process she discovered algae.

When Catharine learned that algae was the most alkaline, plant-based, nutrient-dense food in the world and had been used for fifty years in Asia to improve health and longevity, she knew she had discovered something big that could be a game changer for the world.

You may not have heard about algae nutrition yet but this 4 billion year old food may be the solution to solving our food shortage, stopping our chronic disease crisis and provide an effortless, scientifically proven way to improve our longevity and vitality. All this and more from the most concentrated, food on earth that you don't know about. Find out why you need algae nutrition if you want to improve your health and longevity.

At ENERGYbits®, they want it to be fast and easy for you and your family to get the nutrients you need. Their algae tablets are “bits of whole food” that are safe, pure, and nutrient-dense. Nothing compares with the simple and safe nourishment you get from their algae.

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Harmony 7.83 Grounding Shoes

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Our bodies are sophisticated electrical systems, but we currently have an excess of inflammation-producing positive charge in today's synthetic-laden world. The problem is we do not tap into these electrons on a daily basis the way our ancestors did (walking barefoot or with leather hides on their feet and sleeping directly on the ground). Our ancestors were continuously connecting to the earth’s natural energy. Inflammatory diseases were unheard of back then.

All HARMONY 783 shoe styles feature fully conductive carbon and rubber outsoles that are bio-mechanically engineered for comfort and support. Our patent pending technology, called Groundworks™, features 99.99% pure silver through the midsoles with microfiber footbeds, featured in every shoe, stitched with pure silver thread enabling the flow of natural energy up into one’s body.

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Dr. Laura Koniver, MD. - Intuition Physician

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Medical Doctor, public speaker, author, teacher, artist and inventor of eco-ethically crafted grounding tools. Dr. Koniver is a holistic physician, grounding advocate, speaker and author of the bestselling book “The Earth Prescription,” beloved around the world and translated into multiple languages and foreign editions.  Dr. Koniver has been featured in many news and media outlets, writes a regular health column for the national organic lifestyle magazine MaryJanes Farm, and is featured in the motion pictures: The Grounded, Heal For Free, Down To Earth, and The Earthing Movie. To view her background, and to purchase her products, tap the image to the left for her link. 

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