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More Sex and war

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In war Sex has frequently been a motivating factor. This has mainly been the case of ancient warfare in which precious resources were fought over and the supremacy of one people over another. One of the most precious of resources was women. Women were naturally needed to procreate and replenish the warriors of the tribe. Women were needed for domesticity and the care of hearth and home. On a smaller scale war was often waged to raid a neighboring settlement and take from among them women. The men wanted to bring fresh pussy into the tribe. This naturally lead to a reprisal and as time went on it became a fear of oncoming violence that women would be taken. It has always been the men of the tribe or nation that have feared for the fate of their women folk. It was a way for single and looking young warriors to find themselves a wife. It did not say much for the dating practices of the time but it served it’s purpose at the time. It has simply always been the drive of men to protect their women and in the view of men they have always been a motivating factor and a resource to that degree. It has brought out both the best and the worst in men and continues to do so this day. Women on the other hand have always fought to find equality with men despite this and that too has caused some friction. No one has ever doubted that women were perfectly capable warriors as well as any man, but men have not believed it was their job or duty to do so. That is one large reason why women have been refused combat positions in war. The men fear for their safety and what will happen to the Sex if they are captured. They will be used as a method of terror to demoralize and hamper unit cohesion.